Thursday, January 15, 2009

Works In Progress

Conference of the Birds - An opera. Libretto by William Radice The opera is based on a 12th century Persian poem Mantiq-ut-Tayr by Farid ud-Din Attar. It is about the bird kingdom - aware that they have no king - setting out to look for one known as the Simorgh. The Hoopoe has been elected to take the birds through seven valleys to meet the king. The journey is a difficult one and many birds express their reluctance. The Hoopoe counters every doubt. At the end of the journey the birds discover that the Simorgh is actually none other than themselves. A workshop performance of one hour in length took place at the Wawasan Open University Penang November 20th-22nd. Produced by the Five Arts Centre. Marion D'Cruz as Executive Producer and James Lochhead as Penang Producer. The composer is working on a chamber orchestra and voice version as well as planning for future productions of the opera.

the dancing mouse - for Soprano and Harp. Musical settings of a set of 14 poems that form the last part of a new book published separately in June 2008 English-German, illustrated edition by Hirundo Press in Hamburg.

A piece for solo Harp - for harpist Helen Radice.

A piece for violin and piano- for violinist Sebastian See-Schierenberg.

Solo clarinet piece (untitled)

The Killing of Meghnad - second opera project with librettist William Radice. Composition started and in progress.

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